mockup tshirt design for Bahrain Olympic committee
  • IndustrySport, إثصس
  • CategoryCreative Direction

Bahrain Olympic Team Uniform:  Wear The Olympic Spirit 

Bahrain Olympic Team Uniform:  Wear The Olympic Spirit 

  • IndustrySport, إثصس
  • CategoryCreative Direction

Bahrain Olympic Committee (BOC) understands the importance of sports uniforms and how essential they are to the national Olympic team. They create both unity and an identity for the team, promote the country, and can be used by sponsors to display their campaign messages.

male athlete wearing the new designed shirt

The Assignment

The Bahrain official team represents the country at many international competitions and, in line with its new vision, is going to compete in more events. The BOC recognized a need to equip the athletes with new uniforms. BOC engaged Deepmark to design and create a set of uniform for their official team to formally represent Bahrain during international Olympic competitions and represent an ambitious new direction for sports in the Kingdom.

symbolizes of Bahrain's emblem
gaot arms of leaves
athletes wearing the newly designed uniform

The Challange

The challenge was to design an outfit in a style connoting top-level sporting excellence, that would be a fusion of old traditional patterns with a fresh and dynamic look and feel. Bahrain’s national colours and coat of arms were the key design elements, incorporated into a dynamic, modish interpretation of the spirit of sport. 

newly designed tshirt with the new branding by deepmark


There is a common saying that “first impressions happen only once” and Deepmark’s creative team took this unrepeatable opportunity to invest all of their efforts into creating a timeless, memorable and outstanding uniform for the Bahraini national team. The nation’s national symbols were combined smoothly with fashion-forward elements to create a dynamic, powerful new representation of Bahrain’s rapidly growing devotion to excellence in sport.  

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